Ready painted A4 size Farrow and Ball sample cards. Just £2.99 and the 10th FREE!

Ready Paint Farrow and Ball Paint Samples

Save money and time with our ready paint Farrow and Ball A4 size portable paint sample cards just £2.99

Looking for Farrow and Ball Tester Pots? Try our ready painted A4 size Farrow and Ball sample cards instead. Just £2.99 and the 10th is FREE!

Making a paint mistake can be an expensive and time consuming affair – especially if using designer paints.  That’s why Farrow and Ball recommend buying their sample pots, painting them onto card and then placing them in different positions around the room to get a true idea of the colour in various lights.

However ….

Sample pots are expensive

  • Painting onto cards can be messy and takes time
  • Painted patches on walls are unsightly and can be difficult to cover
  • Sample pots go off after a short time
  • The remaining pots only go on to litter up your house before clogging up land fill.

That’s why we’ve solved all those problems for you buy creating ready painted, environmentally friendly A4 sheets in any Genuine Farrow and Ball colour you choose.

Our Ready Painted Sample Sheets are …

  • Delivered in protective plastic pouches so you can easily file them away for future reference and re-use them time after time.
  • Easy to carry with you when shopping for co-ordinating fabrics and furniture.
  • Ideal for cutting up to create mood boards
  • Perfect for writing on the back so you never forget where in your house you have used that colour paint
  • Far more environmentally friendly than tester pots
  • Less time consuming than tester posts and far less messy

And of course, much cheaper!